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Last updated on Friday, August 12, 2016, 8:53 am

Gray Has a Wide-Angle Lens on the Economic Landscape

Editor’s Note: Darin Gray is the former president and CEO of Gray Matters LLC, the parent company of the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal. It is now operated by the publication’s current management team and owned by the TDG Family Trust, of which Gray’s wife, Tami Gray, is the sole trustee. Darin Gray has sown seeds in the soil of Arkansas enterprises for almost 30 years, starting with his early work at the state’s economic development commission, and continuing into his current role as leader of the state’s largest advertising and public relations agency.  The chairman and chief executive officer at CJRW in Little Rock, Gray says he is competitive by nature but has built his career around supporting the mutual success of others — “as opposed... [ MORE ]

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