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Last updated on Monday, July 18, 2016, 7:34 am

Eric Wolfe

Industry Veteran Now On Fourth Logistics Startup

Eric Wolfe knows how to help businesses get products from point A to point B. By rail, truck or intermodal, the veteran executive of supply chain and logistics — the nuts and bolts of transporting goods — has made a name for himself working for some of the top companies in Northwest Arkansas. Wolfe, 50, has already played significant roles in the development of three logistics companies, most notably during a 12-year career with BNSF Logistics, a global logistics provider that maintains its U.S. headquarters in Springdale. He’s now headed down the startup path a fourth time with Watco Supply Chain Services in Springdale. Wolfe was named the company’s president in June 2014 when the parent company, Kansas-based transportation group Watco Companies LLC, announced the spinoff. Watco... [ MORE ]

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