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Last updated on Friday, May 20, 2016, 9:03 am

In Construction Industry, Lusk Builds Connections

Chief development officer Christina Lusk is the driving force in generating business for East Harding Construction. However, at no time in her career has the transaction been her focus. To Lusk, it’s about building relationships. “Here’s my philosophy on business: It’s all about people,” she said. “I’m in the construction business, but really I’m in the people business. Very often, what I do for East Harding does not involve a sales call.” The approach has worked out well in her career, Lusk said, but it does not yield an instantaneous result. In construction, building materials that take the longest to procure or create are considered long lead items, and relationships are long lead items, she said. “There’s no rushing them,... [ MORE ]

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