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Romine Engineers Computers, The Good Life in Fayetteville

Matt Romine started his own business selling and supporting PC computers when he was just 17 years old. He followed that up with a couple of degrees in computer systems engineering from the University of Arkansas. And along the way, in 1994, he cofounded Interface Computer Center LLC, now IFWorld Inc., one of the leading tech solutions firms in Northwest Arkansas. Still plying his trade 21 years later, Romine says he and his colleagues at IFWorld are in a constant state of change. “The industry is always evolving,” he said. “What we did five years ago is not what we do today, and in five years from now we won’t be doing what we do today. It’s not like selling widgets and the widgets never change. About 25 percent of our time is spent learning new things.” Romine... [ MORE ]

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