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Last updated on Thursday, February 12, 2015, 2:38 pm

Jack Moyer

Moyer Aims to Keep it Fresh at Historic Hotels, Eureka Springs

Longtime Eureka Springs hotelier Jack Moyer has made it his life’s work to restore and maintain longstanding, landmark structures as hospitality entities that attract 21st-century clientele. He strives to keep his hotels relevant while also preserving the integrity of what he calls the city’s irreplaceable assets. The Elmira, New York, native discovered a love for historic hotels in the late 1980s while training at the Chicago Hilton & Towers, and he has never turned back. To Moyer, who served on the Historic Hotels of America board for nine years, operating historic hotels presents a welcome challenge. The industry niche does not follow a cookie-cutter formula and upkeep costs can double that of newer hotels, he said. Moyer estimates restorations at the Crescent and Basin Park... [ MORE ]

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