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Courtroom and Homeroom Are Equal in Rye Shy's Book

Dinner with friends. A long work week that creeps into Saturday. Board meetings. Maybe even a bowl game or a beach trip with the girls. Repeat. The life of a young professional. Family law attorney April Rye Shy knows that life just about as well as anyone because she lived it for seven years. A rising attorney bent on building her career, she emerged from the Carroll County prosecutor’s office in 1995 to establish a solo practice in Fayetteville. Rye Shy entrenched herself as a courtroom attorney with an expertise in child welfare. With an appetite for the excitement of juvenile court and the ability to handle its heartbreak and drama, Rye Shy worked Family in Need of Services cases in Washington County. “There’s big action every day, whereas in other kinds of law, cases... [ MORE ]

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