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Bart Allard

Allard Still Doing Right Things for Right Reasons

After two decades in the public accounting business, Bart Allard is still sure of one important maxim: accounting is the backbone of business. His success as a leading CPA and personal financial consultant in Rogers bears that out. “If you don’t understand the business,” he explained, “you may be the best in your trade, but you may be unsuccessful in your business.” Allard, 47, is the owner of Allard & Co. PA CPAs and the managing member of Allard Financial Advisors. The niche practices focus on high-net-worth individuals and small business. During a recent interview, Allard said not all of the two firms’ approximately 350 clients are on both sides, but the ones who are receive the best of what Allard and his associates have to offer. “When we’re... [ MORE ]

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