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Last updated on Friday, May 22, 2015, 8:58 am

Tenney's Term Reaches 25 Years With Baldwin & Shell

Patrick Tenney is from the old school. Raised by parents from The Greatest Generation, his marching orders were clear: go to college, find a job and build a career. And that’s exactly what he’s done. Named president of the Northwest Arkansas division of Baldwin & Shell Construction Co. in 2014, Tenney has been with the Little Rock-based builder for 25 years. Tenney said he was drawn to Baldwin & Shell due to its reputation for professionalism, stability, and its penchant for pulling down high-profile contracts. In that regard, nothing seems to have changed. The company’s Northwest Arkansas division, based in Rogers, was recently named the general contractor for the $22 million School of Innovation being built by Springdale School District. Based on the philosophy of... [ MORE ]

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Would the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement be beneficial to America?

  • Yes. The more trade, the better. It will grow our economy and improve quality of products and prices.
  • Yes. We need to make a deal with these countries before China beats us to it.
  • The main concept of the agreement is good, but there are provisions within the proposed agreement that could negatively impact Americans.
  • No. It will cost American jobs. Americans should not have to compete with workers from throughout the world, some of whom work for extremely low wages.
  • No. The potential benefits are not significant enough to outweigh the risks.
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