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Last updated on Thursday, July 2, 2015, 2:42 pm

From left, Mikel Lolley and Bob Munger, founders of Sustainable Urban Mobility, or SUMO, have invested in a fleet of low-speed electric vehicles for users in the downtown Fayetteville core.

SUMO Addresses Urban Transportation, Convenience with Tiny Electric Vehicles

They might look like golf carts, but they’re not. They’re real cars with blinkers, windshields and are licensed with the Arkansas Office of Motor Vehicle. Known as low-speed electric vehicles, or LEVs, these ultra-compact cars are shaping up to be the new face of urban transportation. And Fayetteville-based Sustainable Urban Mobility, or SUMO, has a fleet of 15 such vehicles for car sharing throughout downtown. SUMO is also a licensed dealership for LEVs. The brainchild of founders Mikel Lolley and Bob Munger, SUMO is a cloud-based system that operates through mobile devices. Once registered, users check car location and availability with their cell phones, and use the same device to turn the vehicles on and off. Based on the fact that in urban settings cars remain idle much more... [ MORE ]

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