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Last updated on Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 10:06 am

The University of Arkansas

Air Force Enlists UA Affiliate APEI for $3.5M Project

The U.S. Air Force has contracted University of Arkansas affiliate company Arkansas Power Electronics International Inc. on a $3.5 million project to develop a power module for new fighter jets. The design of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aligns with the Air Force’s effort to build “more-electric” and “all-electric” jets, according to a UA press release. APEI’s module will utilize the company’s unique, wide band-gap material packaging, a high-performance semiconductor designed to withstand harsh environments, according to the news release. The laboratory-tested, silicon-carbide power electronics technology developed at APEI will be transferred to a motor drive on the F-35 that allows the pilot to control the aircraft’s flight control surfaces,... [ MORE ]

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