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Last updated on Thursday, April 9, 2015, 12:22 pm

Michigan-based United Federal Credit Union is using a 3D Omni-Suite virtual banking machine, pictured here, at its new Springdale branch inside a Walmart Supercenter.

Credit Union Brings Virtual Reality to New Branch

United Federal Credit Union (UFCU), previously serving customers from three branches in the River Valley, expanded its Arkansas footprint March 16 when it opened a branch in Springdale, inside the Walmart Supercenter at the Elm Springs Road exit. It’s a fully staffed branch (Tori Weathers is the manager overseeing five employees), with the usual complement of services available, including loans, mortgages, checking accounts, debit and credit cards, investment planning and business lending. But a closer inspection will reveal a new machine that is beginning to pop up in credit unions across the country, and the technology has been described as being somewhere between Skype, Google Hangouts, Max Headroom and a Star Trek holodeck. It’s called telepresence video communication, which... [ MORE ]

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