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Last updated on Thursday, July 28, 2016, 2:26 pm

Shannon Magsam, left, and Gwen Rockwood started a website for moms eight years ago, cashing in on the mom blog business trend and a need for local, online communities.

Mom Blog Gold: NWA Motherlode Founders Draw Thousands to Website

When former journalists Gwen Rockwood and Shannon Magsam co-founded the mom-focused website NWA Motherlode in 2008, they struck on a rich deposit of online media users that had not yet been tapped by the local market. At the time, the popularity of mom blogs was growing rapidly nationwide, but before NWA Motherlode, the region had no centralized platform for original online content geared toward local parents. “There were bloggers and people blogging about being a mom, but there wasn’t a dedicated place where moms congregated online and could get information,” said Magsam. As a mother, she saw the potential for such a site in NWA and decided to build it herself.  But Magsam didn’t want to go at it alone, and she thought of Rockwood, whom she had previously met while... [ MORE ]

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