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Last updated on Thursday, April 9, 2015, 3:07 pm

Fayetteville Farmers Market Adding BBQ, Pie to Lineup

The 42nd annual Fayetteville Farmers Market opened April 4 with two new vendors, Tyler’s Craft BBQ of Springdale, and Ca’Lees Pies of Fayetteville. The market’s business coordinator, Leann Halsey, said more farmers and producers will join this season as inspections conclude. Tyler’s and Ca’Lees are just two of around 60 vendors that will convene each Saturday morning through Nov. 21 on the Fayetteville square. Even though Tyler’s will serve pulled pork sandwiches, the square will not be filled with the familiar smell of roasting meat. Pecan-smoked products will be cooked off-site, overnight and kept in a heated vessel during market hours. Tyler’s will take advantage of seasonal produce, and in addition to unique sandwiches such as the grilled peach... [ MORE ]

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