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Last updated on Friday, July 1, 2016, 9:00 am

Onyx Coffee Lab events coordinator Elika Liftee and the Nitro Cold Brew cart, at the Mill Street Market, June 11 in Springdale.

Pedal-Powered Onyx Cart Delivers Coffee on Tap

Onyx Coffee Lab of Springdale now has an eye-catching mode of transport for its specialty cold-brew coffee, in the form of a decked-out cart-slash-bike. It’s technically on three wheels, with two in the front to stabilize the cart. It will hold up to six 5-gallon kegs and a small nitrogen tank, although Onyx’s Nitro Cold Brew is usually infused with nitrogen at the company’s warehouse, said co-owner Jon Allen. Allen said there is a quality-control issue with serving many of Onyx’s hot coffee drinks away from its cafes, but the Nitro Brew is a “fun and interesting product” that also works for catering. The coffee bike made its debut May 7, at the annual Little Craft Show in downtown Springdale, and Onyx event coordinator Elika Liftee said since then he’s... [ MORE ]

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