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Last updated on Friday, December 12, 2014, 3:15 pm

Second Sassy's?

Fayetteville restaurant Sassy’s Red House is eyeing expansion. Allen Brumett, who owns the popular barbecue restaurant with his wife, Shawna, tells Whispers he has been considering adding a second location for some time. The only question is where. Brumett tells us a second location could be in Fayetteville, or it may be in Benton County. Cannibalization of the existing Sassy’s customer base in Fayetteville is sure to influence the decision. “It’s looking like a possibility [to expand], but we’re still looking around,” Brumett said. The current location — which hosts the weekly radio show for University of Arkansas men’s basketball coach Mike Anderson — opened on College Avenue in June 2009. It had sales of $1.35 million in fiscal year 2013... [ MORE ]

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