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Last updated on Thursday, August 27, 2015, 9:29 am

Apartments Near Wilson Park in Fayetteville Sold For $1.28 Million

Fayetteville-based firm Specialized Real Estate Group has added another multifamily asset to its portfolio with the purchase of the Wilson Park Apartments. SREG recently closed on the 20-unit development for $1.28 million, a purchase price of $64,375 per unit. The property is immediately east of Wilson Park on North Park Avenue. Bear State Bank in Fayetteville provided financing for the acquisition. “We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to purchase these historic apartments in the most attractive location in town,” SREG vice president Corey Runnells said. “This is a stable investment, and we intend to hold and operate the property for a long time. We will be making upgrades to the property over the life of the investment.” The three-building development, which is... [ MORE ]

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