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Last updated on Monday, May 25, 2015, 6:28 am

David Swain, owner representative, left, and Peter Lane, president and CEO of the Walton Arts Center, near the parking deck and adjoining administrative building under construction by Baldwin & Shell Construction Co. of Rogers. CDI Contractors LLC of Fayetteville begins work on the center proper in July.

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  When the Walton Arts Center expansion is done, a wall of glass will line the southeast corner of the intersection of Dickson Street and West Avenue. About 30 feet tall, L-shaped and as long as 100 feet, this glass facade will not only mark the boundaries of the center’s new luxe lobby, but will be the public face of the effort to make the facility relevant for another generation. While the arts center is credited with transforming Dickson Street into a true entertainment district, the center still suffers from the fact that it sits back from the limelight, tucked catty-corner behind Tyson Plaza. But after the renovation, the center will have a commanding position, and, in turn, probably spark yet another turnover along Fayetteville’s main drag. “The expansion will be... [ MORE ]

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