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Last updated on Thursday, April 21, 2016, 2:25 pm

Nursing Home Planned for Promenade Boulevard in Rogers

Did you know a 50,000-SF nursing home facility on South Promenade Boulevard in Rogers is in the works? Bozeman Development LLC of Texas, registered to Michael Martel of San Antonio, recently paid $1.08 million for a 5-acre lot in The Farms commercial addition, a purchase price of $4.99 per SF. The lot sits on the five-lane extension of Promenade Boulevard that links New Hope Road on the south with Walnut Street on the north. Simmons Bank of Pine Bluff was the seller. Construction of the building is imminent. It will have 114 beds and will replace a 32,745-SF facility called Bentonville Manor at 224 S. Main St. in Bentonville. Bozeman Development bought that 95-bed property last year for $3.4 million. Projected cost for the project is $9.6 million. So what’s to happen of the 1.5-acre Bentonville... [ MORE ]

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