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Last updated on Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 9:52 am

Robin Mero

Internet Innovation: Pass or Fail? (COMMENTARY)

At 30-something, Adam Miller is partial to golf, college football and reading histories and biographies. But he spends days interacting with millions of women who love cowgirl boots. Miller is a search engine optimization, customer-experience expert for Acumen Holdings, which operates Country Outfitter, surely the undisputed king of social media innovation in Arkansas. Country Outfitter is simultaneously a lifestyle brand, e-commerce company, publisher and manufacturer of western boots. With tens of millions of followers on social media and email, I don’t know of another Arkansas company devoting more resources to glean what its customers like and want. Cowgirl boots may not inherently interest Miller, but here’s his mission: Get into customers’ heads. Know trends and what... [ MORE ]

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