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Last updated on Monday, November 23, 2015, 7:43 am

Stacey Mason

Improv Advice in Translation (OPINION)

I have found that most advice is worthy of thorough examination. Often, advice pertaining to one discipline — with just a bit of translation — has meaning in other disciplines. This translation process allows for more perspective and greater insight. As a case in point: the more I study improv, the more parallels I see to other areas of my life. What follows is some improv advice in translation. Improv advice: In an art form as social as improv, being easy to work with is nearly as important as being talented or funny. Personal advice: Never underestimate the importance of likeability. Improv advice: Play a character whose worldview you completely disagree with. Playing an earnest opposite will push you and make for good theater. Life advice: Learn to replace judgment with curiosity.... [ MORE ]

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