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Last updated on Thursday, January 28, 2016, 7:50 am

NOWDiagnostics Inc. Moves Production From China to U.S.

NOWDiagnostics Inc. of Springdale announced on Jan. 26 it has moved all of its plastic housing production from China to its home base in Arkansas.  The company manufactures and sells a line of unique blood-based rapid tests that allow health care providers to conduct simple-to-use, highly accurate tests for a variety of conditions and diseases. The company is now partnering with PolyTech Plastic Molding in Prairie Grove to create the housings for all of the tests. “By moving all of our production to Arkansas, we have better control over the quality of our products, which is our chief concern,” said Kevin Clark, chief executive officer of NOWDiagnostics. “Having a partner just down the road whom we can visit anytime we want or need to has significantly improved our process... [ MORE ]

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