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Last updated on Thursday, June 2, 2016, 3:49 pm

Jessica Dearnley

A Growing Appeal (OPINION)

Northwest Arkansas has been on the national radar from a number of perspectives for many years now. Our appeal has been well chronicled and justified in a number of quarters. One segment of the investment sector, however, hasn’t been as “all in” on NWA as others. That would be institutional investors. But indications are that may be changing. Not too long ago, the idea of institutional investment in real estate in NWA was akin to investing in China or India. International real estate investors, to a great extent, remain focused on the East and West coasts and Texas. The Washington, D.C., area gets its share of institutional investment, as do “NFL cities.” But there are signs NWA is increasingly attracting the attention of institutional investors with an appetite... [ MORE ]

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