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Last updated on Friday, December 18, 2015, 10:28 am

Joe Ziegler

Three Nursing Students Inspire $240K in Endowed Scholarships at UA

The wife of a former University of Arkansas faculty member has endowed $240,000 in scholarship money to the UA College of Education and Health Professions, in order to honor three former nursing students who provided medical care for her late husband. Ann Marie Ziegler established the scholarships in their names because of the level of care the students gave her husband, Joe Ziegler, former chair of the school’s economics department, after he was disabled in a bicycle accident in 2008, and before he died in 2013, according to a UA press release. The Theresa Rickert Endowed Nursing Scholarship, Meredith Warner Endowed Nursing Scholarship and Kristen Coleman Endowed Nursing Scholarship have all been established, with gifts of $80,000 to each, according to the release. Theresa Rickert now... [ MORE ]

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