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Paul Gatling

By Choice, Not Necessity (EDITOR'S NOTE)

One of the fastest growing employee benefits practices in the country is Regions Insurance, a subsidiary of Alabama-based Regions Financial Corp., and a regional player with 27 offices across 10 states in the southeast U.S. and Indiana. In fact, a recent report by trade publication Employee Benefit News ranked Regions Insurance among the 10 fastest growing EB brokerages in the U.S. among those with $10 million to $50 million in large-group revenue. Regions’ EB practice generated $21 million in 2013 revenue, and is expected to end this year with a little more than $50 million. And the man who is guiding the division into a national brand does so from a Joyce Boulevard office building in Fayetteville. And, he will happily tell you, that’s by choice, not necessity. Tom Hayes, living... [ MORE ]

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