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Last updated on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, 1:41 pm

Curtis Ralston (top) will replace Doug Babb (bottom) as CEO of Fort Smith-based Cooper Clinic in January.

Doug Babb Announces Retirement as CEO of Cooper Clinic

Leadership changes were announced Tuesday by one of the largest physician-owned medical groups in the state. Doug Babb, CEO of Fort Smith-based Cooper Clinic, announced his retirement and his successor will be chief operating officer Curtis Ralston, who will take over in January. The announcement was posted to the Cooper Clinic website in the form of a statement written by Dr. Michael Callaway, the outgoing president of the board of directors, and Dr. Daniel Mackey, the incoming board president. “Doug advised our board of directors earlier this year of his intent to retire and has worked with board members to implement an orderly succession plan,” the statement said. “Under Doug’s guidance, Curtis Ralston has been well prepared for his promotion.” Ralston, an Oklahoma... [ MORE ]

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