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Last updated on Friday, April 29, 2016, 1:02 pm

John Lisle

Springdale Attorney, Former State Senator John Lisle Dies at 77

John Lisle, founder of Springdale law office Lisle Rutledge, died April 27 at his Springdale home surrounded by family. He was 77. Lisle had battled Alzheimer’s disease in recent years, according to his obituary. He practiced law for nearly 40 years and was a noted trial lawyer. He founded the firm in 1990, which changed its name in 2001 when Donnie Rutledge, who joined the practice in 1993, became a shareholder. In a statement issued on behalf of the firm, Rutledge remembered Lisle as incredibly kind, considerate and extraordinarily empathetic.  “I lost count of the times I watched him interact with a potential client about the client’s legal problem and witnessed him absorbing the client’s feelings, emotions and needs,” Rutledge said. “Once they became... [ MORE ]

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