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Matt Crafton

No Place Like Home For Engineer Matt Crafton

After eight years of active duty in the United States Air Force, Matt Crafton returned to his Rogers roots in 1998 to take his place in the family business, engineering and design firm Crafton Tull. But during those eight years in the military, before Crafton had settled down, he saw some things that he’ll never forget. He was in Somalia building airstrips in the early 1990s during operation Restore Hope. Gangs of dangerous warlords roamed the streets of Mogadishu, and giant lizards preyed on the dead who had been buried in shallow graves. The homeless and the impoverished and the orphans who begged for food — to this day Crafton keeps up with events in the Horn of Africa. “That was a harrowing experience,” he said. “Mogadishu was probably the worst city in the... [ MORE ]

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