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Last updated on Thursday, July 2, 2015, 3:03 pm

Suit Claims Contractor Not Paid For Chaffee Crossing Work

By now it’s no secret about what’s happening out at Chaffee Crossing. The former military installation is now the saving grace for the Fort Smith economy. Either developments take place at Chaffee Crossing or the area drives investments elsewhere. Either way, it’s hard to imagine Fort Smith these days without the promise of Chaffee Crossing. But by the same token, there’s always trouble in paradise. Just ask Fort Smith contractor Goodwin & Goodwin Inc. The company claims in a May lawsuit in Sebastian County Circuit Court that it did a lot of work on an office building at Chaffee Crossing and didn’t get paid for it. More importantly, Goodwin & Goodwin’s owner, Bryan Goodwin, says the property where his company did the work should belong to him and... [ MORE ]

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