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Last updated on Friday, July 31, 2015, 11:45 am

Dispute Over Additional Work Triggers Legal Claim

A dispute over additional work at a huge construction site has triggered a spat in Washington County Circuit Court. Trulove Dirtworks LLC of Berryville recently filed a $215,664 claim of lien on 4900 Jennifer Terrace in Springdale, better known as the location of the Walmart Neighborhood Market at Don Tyson Parkway and Interstate 49. In its July 2 filing, Trulove says “… materials and labor were furnished for and used in pad preparation and the construction ...” The problem, Trulove says, is that the company never got paid by general contractor Milestone Construction Company LLC of Springdale. Mary Trulove, CFO of Trulove Dirtworks, told Whispers she was not at liberty to discuss the case. On July 16, Milestone filed a bond in contest to offset the lien. Sam Hollis, a principal... [ MORE ]

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