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Last updated on Friday, April 11, 2014, 12:10 pm

Stacey Mason

Playing With How You Think (OPINION)

I think that fits nicely with the theory that leadership is part science and part art. It’s never just about what you do, because the outcome is influenced greatly by how you do it.  As an example, I offer up the routine in-flight air travel announcements given prior to a plane’s departure. While the purpose — or the what — is noble, as it is safety awareness, the method with which it is relayed — or the how — is ineffective. The announcements are completely monotonous and, therefore, often ignored, and this defeats the purpose. If the goal is for passengers to be educated and informed, then the current message needs to be shared differently.  Here is an example of how that would go: “This is flight No. 747 en route to Lincoln, Neb. “We... [ MORE ]

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Should Arkansas raise the minimum wage?

  • Yes. Anyone who works full-time should be able to support their family.
  • No. The government should not dictate how much workers are paid.
  • No. Minimum-wage jobs are for entry-level workers. If people want to get paid more, they should work their way up.
  • No. It will constrain employers and kill jobs.
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