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Last updated on Thursday, January 29, 2015, 1:21 pm

Brad Hammond is president of McGoodwin, Williams & Yates Inc. of Fayetteville, the area's oldest engineering firm.

Hammond Points MWY To 70th Year

While attending college at the University of Arkansas, Brad Hammond spent the summer of 1990 working for his uncle, Carl Yates, at Fayetteville engineering firm McGoodwin, Williams & Yates Inc. That first summer did not bode well for a long and distinguished career. “My first day on the survey crew, I went out with our chief surveyor, Gary Denzer — who is still our chief surveyor today — in the hottest part of the summer to survey an area in Fayetteville,” Hammond recalled. “And the foliage was so great that we couldn’t use any of the equipment. We had to do it all by tape measure. I had a machete and I was cutting brush, and I was wondering if I had chosen the right profession.” Despite that start, however, Hammond’s career has been distinguished.... [ MORE ]

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