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Last updated on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 8:00 am

Robin Mero

Millennial: It's a Choice (OPINION)

I was thrilled to learn earlier this month that, no matter what our age, we can choose to be Millennials. Millennials can’t be defined using birthdates. No one agrees on the time parameters anyway. I learned that from Louis Patler, Ph.D., a New York Times bestselling author and business innovation researcher who recently visited Northwest Arkansas. His writing is powerful enough to have made Steve Jobs’ recommended reading list, and his latest book, “Making Your Own Waves,” will be published in spring 2016. Patler said he prefers using the terms, “Transformer” and “Power Ranger” rather than Millennial. What distinguishes those of the Millennial generation is having a core value of mastery, Patler said. Rather than seeking to gain authority, they... [ MORE ]

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