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Last updated on Friday, October 10, 2014, 9:02 am

Jason Flores

Decide Now to Save and Invest for the Long Haul (COMMENTARY)

Recently, I was in Dallas to watch my favorite college football team. I was having a great time until overtime rained on my parade. During the long drive home, I couldn’t help but think about what should have been, what could have been and, ultimately, what happened. I work with individual investors on a daily basis. Although the group of people I work with is diverse, there is a common thread in most of my conversations. There is almost always the opportunity that was missed — the time when they should have invested, but didn’t. That time when we “could have” and “should have” might be right now for multiple generations. The media have recently focused on the widening of the wealth gap, the shrinking of the middle class and how we as a country are... [ MORE ]

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Arkansas voters will decide in a few weeks whether to increase the state's minimum wage. If you had to vote today, would you vote to raise minimum wage in Arkansas from $6.25 to $8.50 by 2017?

  • Yes. Anyone who works full-time should be able to support their family.
  • No. The government should not dictate how much workers are paid.
  • No. Minimum-wage jobs are for entry-level workers. If people want to get paid more, they should work their way up.
  • No. It will constrain employers and kill jobs.
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