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Last updated on Thursday, January 28, 2016, 2:06 pm

Jennifer Joyner

It's All in the Delivery (OPINION)

Two years ago, takeout delivery in Northwest Arkansas consisted of one guy on a motor scooter. Chris Selby started Clunk’s Hungry Express Wagon (or CHEW) in 2011, tapping into a base of eager customers who were either too busy to cook or who craved the luxury of ordering in. As a one-man show, however, Selby’s services didn’t extend far past downtown Fayetteville, and delivery options elsewhere in the region were limited. But now, all that has changed. After Fayetteville-based NWA Delivery was formed in June 2014 and Little Rock-based Chef Shuttle moved into the region last summer, CHEW is no longer the only gig in town. And yet, Selby says business has only improved. “Competition is good in any market,” said Justin Day, NWA Delivery owner. Day did, however, admit... [ MORE ]

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