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Last updated on Thursday, February 12, 2015, 2:31 pm

Paul Gatling

SREG Builds Momentum (OPINION)

Fayetteville businessman Seth Mims moved here from Dallas when he was in his early 20s with some advice from his father — pick a product to sell, and sell it. Mims, you see, speaks fluent Spanish. Because of the growing Hispanic population in this area of the state in 1994, Mims’ father — who had a vacation home in Northwest Arkansas — saw an opening here for his son. Mims chose real estate, and went to work for industry giant Jim Lindsey, helping Spanish-speaking residents buy their first homes. Real estate has turned out to be a smart choice for Mims. He began his own company in 1998, branched out into property management and development in 2011, and earlier this year, executed the biggest deal of his career, the $49 million sale of the $28.5 million Sterling Frisco... [ MORE ]

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