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Last updated on Thursday, November 20, 2014, 2:04 pm

Richard Massey

Online eVersity? Maybe, Maybe Not (OPINION)

The University of Arkansas System wants to siphon $5 million from its brick-and-mortar campuses to finance the startup costs of what it’s calling eVersity. The UA System says the online school is for the 360,000 Arkansas adults who didn’t finish college. Sounds good, but there’s a problem. University professors aren’t as enthused as the administration. Critics see eVersity as a potential low-budget degree factory that could undermine the traditional route of actually going to campus and earning a degree along with one’s peers. The professors might be onto something. In our search for comfort, convenience and profits, we’re always trying to find the easy way of doing things. These days, people get traded in for technology all the time. It looks like there’s... [ MORE ]

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