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Last updated on Sunday, March 18, 2012, 6:13 pm

Trio of Bentonville Estates Sits Atop ‘Most Expensive' List

by Paul Gatling

The 10 priciest residential properties currently for sale in Northwest Arkansas are valued at a combined $32.97 million.

That’s down about 3 percent from last year’s figure of $36 million for the 10 most expensive properties for sale in Benton and Washington counties.

The information comes from the Northwest Arkansas Multiple Listing Service, which shows the three highest-priced residential properties on the market are all in the city limits of Bentonville. There are 17 properties that have a listing price of at least $1.87 million.

The data does not include the Dromborg Castle, which sits on 100-plus wooded acres at 2991 South City Lake Road in Fayetteville. It has an asking price of $14.3 million.

“It is ‘listed,’ but the sellers just chose not to be in the MLS,” said Kristen Boozman, owner of Portfolio Luxury Real Estate in Rogers.

Boozman’s company is marketing the Dromborg Castle, as well as the two most expensive properties listed in the MLS.

“Due to privacy reasons, some sellers prefer to not use the traditional MLS to market their properties,” she said. “We network with other brokers for these specific properties and, believe it or not, it works.”

The most expensive property in the MLS, at 1501 N.E. McCollum Drive, in Bentonville, checks in at $4.5 million.

The 12,000-SF, gated estate sits on more than 50 acres near Grace Point Church and was built in 1998. It’s been on the market for less than a year.

Of the 10 most expensive homes in the area, six were among the top 10 at this time last year.

The home at No. 7 on the list — 23455 Cox Road in Summers near the Arkansas-Oklahoma border — is listing with a different agent than a year ago, and for $200,000 more.

The residence at 1462 N. Hunter Drive in east Fayetteville, an estate previously owned by the late Gregg Ogden, is unchanged in its listing price.

The other four holdovers from last year’s list all dropped their list price by an average of about $350,000.

Last year’s most expensive residential property, at 19713 Pummill Road in Fayetteville, checked in with a list price of $5.37 million. It is no longer listed in the MLS.

The listing agent, Kyle Pattillo of Lindsey & Associates Inc., said the 5,194-SF lodge and 1,380 acres is under contract.

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